QuickBooks Keyword ShortcutA keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys pressed simultaneously to perform a function or task that generally requires a mouse or other devices. QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts work the same way except that it only applies when you are a QuickBooks file (Desktop or Online). Whether it’s to close a screen, open a transaction, or edit a check, we have found that using QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts is extremely time efficient!


Below is a list of commonly used QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts in QB Online:

Ctrl + Alt + W Open the Check window
Ctrl + Alt + X Open the Expense window
Ctrl + Alt + E Open the Estimate window
Ctrl + Alt + I Open the Invoice transaction window
Ctrl + Alt + R Open the Receive Payment window
Ctrl + Alt + H Display Help
Ctrl + Alt + L Display the Lists Page
Ctrl + Alt + C Display the Customers Page
Ctrl + Alt + V Display the Vendors page
Ctrl + Alt + A Display the Chart of Accounts page
Ctrl + Alt + F Display the Search Transactions page
Ctrl + Alt + / Display keyboard shortcuts


Below is a list of commonly used QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts in QB Desktop :

Ctrl + A Displays the Chart of Accounts window
Ctrl + C Copies your selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl + D Deletes check, invoice, transaction, or item from the list
Ctrl + E Edits transaction selected in the register
Ctrl + F Displays the Find window
Ctrl + G Goes to the other side of a transfer transaction
Ctrl I Displays the Create Invoice window
Ctrl + J Displays the Customer: Job window
Ctrl + M Memorizes a transaction
Ctrl + N Creates a new <fill in the blank> where <fill in the blank> is whatever is active at the time
Ctrl + P Almost always prints the currently active register, list, or form
Ctrl + Q Creates and displays a quick Report on the selected transaction
Ctrl + R Displays the Register window
Ctrl + T Displays the memorized transaction list
Ctrl + V Pastes the contents of the Clipboard
Ctrl + W Displays the Write Checks window
Ctrl + Z Undoes your last action
Ctrl + Insert Inserts a link into a list of items or expenses
Ctrl + Delete Deletes the selected line from a list of items or expenses