guarantee for filing documentsGuarantee for Filing Documents With The Secretary of State in Sacramento, California

What Is Your Guarantee?
If your filing documents and your payment are to us by 12:30(PST) your documents will be filed the same day they are received.
We cannot guarantee the success of your document filing. Actually, no service company can. California Secretary of State counter fees are non-refundable. You will have to pay the counter fee again to resubmit.

We take great pride in our 97% Success Rate for First Time Filers.
We will do a basic review of your filing documents prior to filing them. We are not attorneys. We do our best to minimize rejections. Please double check your documents!

We limit our liability to the amount of the fee charged for that particular service. We will do everything we can to help you. We do not provide legal advice. However, due to our experience working with the California Secretary of State we are able to get your documents filed faster. We understand how documents are processed so we can help reduce the chance of rejection. We can’t eliminate the chances. No one (Attorney or otherwise) can guarantee your documents will be accepted. Although we do not provide legal advice we process thousands of corporate documents. We will alert you to anything we see that may get your filing rejected.