Updates You Should Know About

  • The California Secretary of State has updated all LLC filing forms. If you submit the old form your filing will be rejected.
  • The Secretary of State is now taking 1-3 business days to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing.
  • The Secretary of State has templates for common filings. We suggest the use of these to avoid rejections.
  • The Secretary of State now charges $5 to certify formation documents.
  • The Secretary of State will only accept 1 copy of the document to be filed.
  • If your filing fee is less than $25 the California Secretary of State charges to make copies. ($1 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page).

Most Common California Secretary of State Forms (916) 480-1225

Below you will find links to the most common California Secretary of State Forms. Below you will find a more comprehensive list of filing forms to choose from.

2013 California Secretary of State Filing Forms (916) 480-1225

Below you will find the 2013 California Secretary of State forms for business registration and maintenance. Please choose the correct form that you will need to complete and submit to the state. We recommend using the California Secretary of State forms to reduce the chances of rejection.  They created these forms because of the volume of rejections they were receiving due to verbiage used in typed up documents.

Some clients ask us what a “Foreign Corporation” or “Foreign LLC” is.  This simply means that the corporation or LLC is currently registered in another state (foreign to California) and will use the foreign forms for business registration in California. This will “link” the two entities allowing for the same EIN number to be used in all states. If you are currently registered outside of California, you will need a Certificate of Good Standing from the state you are currently doing business in (dated in the last 6 months) to be submitted along with your filing. Need help? Give us a call!

When filing your documents with the California Secretary of State, there is no was of knowing exactly how many business days it will take for your documents to be available for pick up unless they are expedited. Filings are taking between 5-7 days currently. We can not be held responsible for wait times being longer than estimated.  Call us if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.


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