Do I have to do a name search reservation?2013-10-14T21:48:44-07:00

No, you do not have to do a Name Search and Reservation. We strongly recommend doing a Name Search and Reservation to reduce your chances of rejection.  The #1 reason documents are rejected are due to the name requested not being available or a direct conflict with another name.

Where do I find the forms to fill out?2016-12-13T08:51:10-08:00

Click here for a list of California Secretary of State approved forms. We recommend using the Secretary of State approved forms to reduce your chances of rejection. Individuals who use their own forms often include language in the document that is not accepted by the California Secretary of State.

How long does the Secretary of State take to file my documents?2013-10-14T21:49:28-07:00

The processing time is different depending on what documents are being filed. Here is a list of the counters at the California Secretary of State and the processing time available to choose from:

Corporate Counter:
Expedite 24-hour (1 business day) processing
Standard (2-6 weeks) processing

Statement of Information Counter:
Expedite 24-hour (1 business day) processing

Records Counter:
24-hour (1 business day) processing for Certificate of Good Standing (Certificate of Status)
Standard (3-10 business days) processing for other business records

Notary Counter:
Same day Apostille (Authentication) processing

Do you fill out the forms for me?2013-10-14T21:49:47-07:00

You will fill out your forms and email or fax them to us. Completeness and accuracy of the documents is your responsibility. However, we will do a basic document review to see if we see anything you might want to review again.  It is your option to change the document or submit it as is.

How can I make my payment?2013-10-14T21:49:58-07:00

We accept payment from a secured network through the Intuit Payment Network.  You can pay through your bank account, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

How soon wil you file my documents?2013-08-22T15:19:03-07:00

We can file your documents the same day they are received as long as your completed documents and payment have been received by 12:30 PM (PST)

How do I get the documents back from the Secretary of State?2013-10-14T21:50:12-07:00

When your documents are available we will pick them up, scan and e-mail you a copy of them , and then mail out the originals.  Documents may be mailed overnight at your request with additional fees.

Will I still be able to submit my documents over the counter if I previously mailed them in?2016-12-13T08:51:10-08:00

Yes.  We will need to include a “pull request” letter to be submitted with your Secretary of State filing.  Click here to go to our resources page and to download a sample form.  The pull request letter will let the California Secretary of State know you previously mailed in your documents and that you have now chosen to hand deliver them for faster processing.  Note: If you do not submit this letter with the new filing and you have already mailed in your documents, the filing we submit will be rejected.  The “pull letter” needs to be written by the person who filed the documents.  If you used an attorney, you will need the letter to be on your attorney’s letterhead.

My documents have been previously rejected, what do I need to do now?2013-10-14T21:50:43-07:00

If you documents have been previously rejected, we will need a copy of your rejection letter to submit with your filing in order for the Secretary of State to accept it.  You will also need to make any corrections specified on the document for it to be accepted.

How often do I need to file my Statement of Information?2013-10-14T21:50:55-07:00

All new Corporations and LLC’s are required to file a Statement of Information within the first 90 days of the entity being formed.  Then, corporations are required to file a Statement of Information every year in the month that you incorporated. LLC’s are required to file a Statement of Information every other year (bi-annually) in the month that your LLC organized.