document delivery feesDocument delivery fees – Document courier to the California Secretary of State

How Do I Pay The California Secretary of State My Filing Fees?
1. You pay us and we pay them. We collect your filing fees up front. We collect our courier fee up front. We charge $20 to cut checks on your behalf to the California Secretary of State.
2. You mail checks with your documents. You mail us your documents with required copies. You mail us 3 checks with your documents. One check to pay counter fee. One check to pay the filing fee. One check to pay our courier fee.

What Are Your Fees To Courier Documents?
$150 for standard (7-10 days) or 24-Hour Expedited services
$100 for records requests (3-10 Business Days)
Our Guarantee: We will deliver your documents the day they are received as long as your documents and payment have been received by 12:30PST.
We do offer a discount for multiple filings and for clients who have us courier documents often. Call us at (916) 480-1225 to see if you qualify for discounted filing and delivery fees.

How Can I Pay You?
You can submit your payment to us one of three ways:

  1. Click on the link at the bottom of our invoice to make the payment through your bank account.
  2. Give us your credit card information over the phone. (We accept Visa, Master Card or American Express)
  3. Mail us your checks with your documents.

Once we have your documents and your payment we will deliver your documents to the California Secretary of State. Daily runs are at 2:00 (PST). If documents and payment are received by 12:30 (PST) they will be delivered the same day. If after 12:30 (PST) they will be delivered the following business day.

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