Secretary of State formation documentsCompletion of Secretary of State Formation Documents

Where do I get the forms?
Please click here to access the forms needed to process documents with the California Secretary of State.

Do you fill out my documents for me?
Completion of documents are the responsibility of the individual or entity requesting our services unless it is a request for records.

Can I create my own form?
We recommend the use of the forms provided by the California Secretary of State as it minimizes the chance of rejection and gives you a clear format along with instructions to follow.

Will you review my documents?
We are not attorneys or document examiners and cannot give legal advice. We advise that you ensure the accuracy of your documents by double checking that your forms are filled out correctly. If you have questions about your documents, we will do our best to answer, or direct you to someone who can.
Feel free to give us a call if you have questions – 916-480-1225. We are here to help.

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