Business Filings in Sacramento:
We offer timely business filings in Sacramento to the California Secretary of State. 24 Hour processing is available on most business filings. 24 Hour processing is not available when requesting records.

The Secretary of State does not require original signatures. Email us your documents, make your payment and we do the rest!

Here Are Our Options with Business Filings in Sacramento:
Corporate Filings Counter:
• 24 Hour Processing (next business day service) $350
• Standard times vary. It takes most documents 3-6 weeks. $15
Statement of Information Counter:
• Only has 24 Hour Processing (next business day service) $350

Records Counter:
• 24 Hour Processing (next business day service) for a Certificate of Good Standing $10
• Standard times for all other records. It takes most documents from 3-10 business days. $10

Notary/Apostille Counter:
• Walk in service. Wait times vary.
Note: We cannot be held responsible for wait times being longer than expected. These are based on average wait time.

Other Options for Business Filings:
You can mail in your documents. It can take months for the Secretary of State to process them and get them back to you. If you are in Los Angeles you can drop them off at that location. However, they will ship your business filings to Sacramento which will increase the processing time.

Before Hiring A Courier for your Business Filings in Sacramento:
1. Make sure they know how to get documents filed with the California Secretary of State.
2. Double check your documents. Counter fees are non refundable in Sacramento!
3. Check with the BBB to see if the courier has any complaints.
4. The cheapest courier is not always the best courier.
5. Find out what their rate of rejection is on business filings they have filed.
3 Easy Steps For Your Business Filings in Sacramento:
1. Call us at (916) 480-1225 or click here to have us contact you.
2. Email us your documents.
3. Make your payment with a Visa, MasterCard or Electronic Check.

We will write the checks to the California Secretary of State for you. We will deliver your business filings in Sacramento at 12:30. We will email you to let you know they were delivered. We will pick up your filing when it is ready. We will email you a copy of the filed document. Then we will mail you the original.

Contact Us if you have questions.  We are here to help.